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About Aagri
         Borned on 8thNovember,1972in Agra, Pawan Aagri’s actual name is Pawan Kumar Agarwal. He has got education of B.S.C from Agra College and M.A from St.Johnes. At this time He is doing P.h.d on “Emotion And craft subject in the Poetry of Dr. Gopal Das Neeraj.

Pawan Aagri who started his journey of Poetry under the guidance of Kaka Hathrasi in 1990, now becoming number one choice of TV channels and Poetry Semminars in India and abroad.

Pawan Aagri who has got popularity from serial ‘Wah-Wah’ Telecasted on Sony TV’s Sub Chanel has also earned international fame by his Solo Presentation at Girls Hindu college of Mauritius.

Pawan Aagri has been continuously organizing TajMahotsav Kavi Sammelan for last 8 years which is a remarkable achievement. Presentation of Moon Mahotsav and Hashya Hurdang Kavi Sammelans in Sursadan Agra show his popularity. He has been taking part in all major Kavi Sammelans of repute in India. His style of presentation & message brings a natural smile on the face of audience!

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Hasya Huddang Holi

Comedy Poet Pawan Aagri Is Now A Well Renowned Name In The Field Of Poetry.